The introduction of a weekly personal blog marks a change of direction for this site, to provide a greater frequency of content.  Some of this content will necessarily not be of the standard that I originally envisaged for the site, but I think it is for the best.  Genuine "mathematical discoveries" are hard to come by and less frequent than is desirable for a functional web-site.

To kick this off I am very lucky to be able to present the PhD thesis of my long-standing friend and colleague Bill Hearn (CSIRO retired), one of the great intuitive thinkers of fishery population dynamics.  I was proud to shake Bill's hand in 1986 when he told me his thesis had been approved.  One humorous memory is of when I was relaxing, walking to Hobart's Salamanca Market one Saturday, and saw Bill wave as he drove by to work on his thesis over the weekend.

Although it dates from 1986, Bill's thesis "Mathematical Methods of Evaluating Marine Fisheries" is still current and still contains a mine of material that has not been published in academic journals.

Bill in front of the Beerwah Hotel where we had lunch when he visited me in Brisbane in 2011.












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