George LeighThe founder was founded in 2012 by George Leigh, an eclectic Australian mathematician who has particular interests in statistics, image analysis and number theory and applications to mineral processing and fish population dynamics.

The site aims to publicize original and creative mathematical research, with an emphasis on research that has application in physics, biology or human society. A tenet of the site is that truly original and creative research is usually not welcomed by academic journals. This site provides an alternative and additional outlet for high-quality work while authors do battle with the journal system, and afterwards.

 Authors are invited to contribute material to this site. Contributions that truly constitute "mathematical discoveries" will be stamped as such, and the date will be recorded for the authors' security. is distinguished by having standards on originality and creativity that are much higher than those required to have an article accepted by an academic journal. At the same time, however, the site welcomes high-quality work that has been rejected by academic journals or that is considered unsuitable for journals because it is incomplete or unable to fully solve a particular problem. Authors retain copyright of their contributions and are free to also submit them to journals and conferences.  The high standards set this site apart from the plethora of open-access journals which, in general, publish poor-quality work and charge exorbitant fees.